An isometric view of the furniture
An isometric view of the furniture

Fast Assembled Furniture

A functional and mobile sideboard that can be personalised, extended and assembled and disassembled without tools. As often as you like.


Three components become one unit: Euro containers, wooden boards and tensioning straps are assembled in a few minutes and without tools to create a stable sideboard.

18-millimetre-thick wooden panels form the framework of the FAF. They are optionally made of natural multiplex or dark silk-screen printed. The contours of the Euro boxes are milled into these using precise CNC technology, making it impossible for the boxes to slip. The base plate is fitted with soft industrial castors that allow the FAF to be moved without damaging the floor.

An isolated view of the BOARD

Production and Shipment

Our CNC-milled wooden panels are "made to order" by a medium-sized company in Brandenburg, while tensioning straps and metal rails are "made in Berlin". To avoid unnecessary transport and packaging waste, these components are shipped together with the castors (including screws) as a compact CO-2 neutral package. The Euro boxes are shipped directly from the manufacturer in southern Germany.

Make it your own

FAF is characterised by its versatility. From a filigree bookcase with pastel accents, to a dark monochrome DJ booth that perfectly accommodates the vinyl collection, to corporate office furniture. To name just a few examples.

Uncoated wood
Open & Grey
Load capacity
20 kg
37 cm
92 cm
187 cm
999 €

Order model

Since FAF is a young company and can currently only produce its products in small series, the sideboard system is manufactured in batches. This means that FAF goes into production with a quantity of 20 orders each. If you order now, x more orders have to be received for production to begin. If not enough further orders have been received 6 weeks after your order, you can claim your deposit back. For special inquiries or for further information, you can reach us at